Lora Feb 16, 2022

I learned so much and had a ton of fun in the process! I can’t wait to take more classes with Vera!

Karen Dec 22, 2021

Slip Stitch Avenue is a warm, welcoming shop. Vera is incredibly knowledgeable and patient when teaching her knitting classes. She really makes it fun. Just a great place to shop and visit!

Allyssa Mar 30, 2023
Loren Mar 30, 2023

Thanks vera

Sharon Mar 30, 2023

Great class. Nice people and a teacher who has the patience of a Saint. Shop is cute and has great selection.

Linda Mar 28, 2023
Sharon Mar 2, 2023

I loved the class. In 3 weeks I learned to knit and had fun. Vera is the most patient person I’ve ever met. Plus the store is cute and reasonable prices.

Elizabeth Mar 2, 2023

It was great I’m so excited to learn more.

Samantha Dec 10, 2022

It’s a great opportunity to knit and socialize during Sit and Stitch! Thanks Vera for always supporting our learning as we knit

Janice Nov 17, 2022

Great time to get together with other knitters over a great pattern. Vera was always available to help and gave detailed instructions.

Lora Nov 16, 2022

It was great to work on this project with such a nice group of people. Vera taught me some great sweater tricks along the way and I’m happy with my finished garment.

Samantha Nov 16, 2022

Excellent knitting experience! So grateful to learn from both Vera and other KAL participants! Highlight of my week

Jan Nov 16, 2022
Ada Nov 11, 2022

Wonderful experience. Thanks for starting me on this great journey,!

Deb Nov 11, 2022

The instruction was fun, clear, and easy to follow. Students were able to finish a simple but attractive project with the instruction we received. Looking forward to expanding on what we learned in the advanced class.

Katherine Nov 5, 2022

So much fun!

Amy Nov 4, 2022

This was a really fun event. A great opportunity to meet fellow knitter and crocheters and enjoy some good drinks.

Cindy Nov 4, 2022

Such an awesome event! Great idea! Fun time with the nicest people, excellent beer, deeeeelicious cake (seriously I want that recipe!!) and knitting….what more can I say? Thank you Vera for organizing this!

Samantha Nov 4, 2022

This event was so much fun! I loved the atmosphere knitting at the brewery. Vera made the event special by offering a delicious cake and fun prizes! Everyone was very kind to me and social.

Rebekah Nov 4, 2022

Awesome event!